Amanda Woollven

I love Mother Nature, her changing seasons, wind in the trees, birdsong, cloud watching, rainbows, first light, twilight, sunsets, lightning, thunder, moonrise, shooting stars, music, laughter, words, arts, crafts, colour, magic, harmony, the freedom just to sit and to be.

Calendar 2020

Rain falls gently from the sky
Kissing the starlight
As a full round moon hangs ghostly quiet
Above a sea as dark as ink

Then, as the moon slowly descends
The sky seems hollow

There’s a hush
An anticipation
As if Time is waiting
Waiting to begin

To tick the hours of day on to afternoon
And then to night again
So turning the Cycle of Life

The Cycle of Life © Amanda Woollven


Calendar 2018

Moments drift on the ebbing tides of night,
Shadows whispering snatches of dreams,
Out of sight of the sleeping world.

Swinging back and forth on the pendulums of time,
Minutes turn to hours, then the clocks strike,
Shattering this silent night

Silent Night © Amanda Woollven 2016