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Calendar 2020

Annual Sign by Sign Forecast

Aries - Up until the Summer Solstice, you are a full on spiritual warrior, ready to heal the world with your dynamic and powerful energy. The dark half of the year is more inwardly focused and may feel challenging at times. All spiritual warriors know that the inner battles are just as important as the outer trials!

Taurus - This is your year to expect the unexpected and to practise embracing change, especially if it's not what you planned. There may be some surprises or even shocks along the way. Cultivating a sense of awareness and a connection to your higher mind will help to ensure that they you can meet them with equanimity.

Gemini - You are spreading your wings this year and may end the year in a very different place to where you began. Your web of connections is growing and strengthening and the people you meet, especially in the latter half of the year, may have a profound influence on your growth and even your sense of destiny.

Cancer - You are being pulled out of your comfort zone and it may not always feel easy. You will be making new connections, on every level, especially in the first half of the year. Cultivate a sense of belonging and the emotional bonds you forge with places as well as people will keep you grounded.

Leo - Drama and excitement may be on the back burner this year. It's a time for consolidating new projects and connections, for the hard work of bringing dreams into reality. Make space for others to shine and you'll find that you receive just as much support as you give, especially if you cultivate a devotion to a greater good.

Virgo - Whilst giving service in practical ways is what comes most naturally to you, there may be times this year when you feel a pull towards something more mysterious. You may have a yearning for a greater vision or a sense of purpose. Finding a balance between using the resources you have and seeking something new will serve you best.

Libra - To be fully in balance this year you need to find ways to assert your own needs as well as building relationships. Openness and honesty bring the greatest rewards, although at times they may also bring the greatest challenges. You may be challenged to climb down from your ivory tower and bring abstract ideas into tangible reality.

Scorpio - This has the potential to be a year of deep shifts and transformations, although they may only be visible to those who know you well. If you feel that you are turning your energy too much in on yourself, find a cause that you believe in and devote your powers to creating real change in the world.

Sagittarius - You are working hard this year and there may be some challenges which leave you questioning the world and your place in it. You may be travelling into your past to build your future. Your natural optimism will take you so far, but ultimately the confidence born of experience is what brings you strength.

Capricorn - You are shedding skins over and over this year and may seem that every obstacle you face reveals a new layer of your being. You are on a deeply transformative journey which is likely to move you right out of your comfort zone. Don't forget that all your experience so far is a useful resource.

Aquarius - This year may feel like the calm before the storm, with hints of future innovation and change seeming tantalisingly close. Rather than grasping for what is not ready to be born yet, enjoy the process of gestation. Release what no longer serves you or your life purpose and make space for new growth.

Pisces - If you are faced with more cold hard reality than you are comfortable with this year, remembering that you are in service of a greater mystery will help. You may be called to put your beliefs into practice. The knowledge that you are making a genuine difference in the world brings a renewed sense of confidence.

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