Shannon Smy

Shannon Smy co-founded ‘Seize the Day’ the radical political folk band, with Theo Simon in 1996 at the Newbury by-pass protest. Last year she finally released her solo album, ‘With my Hammer’. “This is an album full of personal warmth, political wisdom and beauty, thank you for finally making this album”


Diary 2019

Turn the seasons one by one
Trace your hand across the sun
Hold your arms up to the sky
Let the stars kiss the tears in your eyes
Dance to the beat of your wild heart,
Feel your feet on the bare ground
Catch the breath of a new dawning day,
Whisper the words that say
This is what it is to be human,
This is what it is to be here on the Earth,
This is what it is to be connected,
This is what it is to be living our lives
Eye to eye, hand to hand,
Heart to heart we live we stand
We are the power that catches the wave
That turns the slave inside us all
Into a wild, wild heart in a deep red sea
Rage red raw, crashing free
There are strong hands holding me
Strong hands holding me
This is what it is to be human
We wake, we sleep, we love, we try
We cry, we run, we live, we die
We work, we rest, we give, we take
We learn, we teach, we love, we make
We change, we dig, we weave, we unite
We plant, we eat, we stand, we fight
One heart, One hand, One sea, One land
One skin, One bone, One Earth, One home
This is what it is to be human.

Connected © Shannon Smy