Seed SistAs

The Seed SistAs are passionately potty about plants and total herbal drama queens, enjoying dressing up as plants, creating fun and enlivening content and playing with all manner of potions.


Diary 2024

All magical practices and traditions develop in response to the surrounding flora, fauna and physical environment. This means that it is possible to re-create and re-paint a picture of ancient rituals through working with and being inspired by our local plants. We can then flavour this with contemporary knowledge and the current circumstances and situations in which we live. The essence of each plant holds the experiences of those people and places that have gone before in its energetic body - a resonance of the past.

Connecting with the plants and trees in our home habitats can help deepen the understanding of what is needed for ourselves, our community and the local environment. They can create insights and instigate profound experiences. Much has been lost with lack of ritual in our modern society. Ritual that enables connection beyond the self, to realise that as part of community, we thrive together. Ritual takes you beyond an individualist nature and can be created in community with the help of plants that can bring us together and alter the everyday conscious pattern that we most often exist in.

This can be as simple as a seed collection from surrounding wild flowers, made into a seed bomb with some neighbours and family. With conscious care and intent to support nature, we can work wonderful magic together.

Magical Plant Practices © Seed SistAs 2022


Diary 2021

Winter is the season of stillness and surrender. All of nature is quietening down. The deciduous trees are bare, berries have been picked off the trees and bushes and nuts stored away. Nature’s energy is deep underground in the earth. It is now a time of retreat, rest and introspection but often of hardship, darkness and of facing our fears as well. Winter is the time of the Crone, the dark moon, associated with death. In nature, death is part of the cycle. Winter teaches us that death is a natural part of life and not something to be feared. The enormity of winter activity happening beneath our feet is astounding. Rain pounds on the earth’s surface, filters down through the mud, and roots drink up the sustaining life force. Movement underground is relentless, rootlets searching for nourishment, stretching out in the dank darkness, feeling their way. Mycelia of fungi carry information and nourishment in a vast underground network of radical connection. Further below is the continuous movement of the tectonic plates. However to the naked eye, the earth is solid, unmoving, a constant companion to which we are bound through gravity.

Winter © Seed Sistas 2019