Ash Moon

A podcast host, dancer, trainer and creative, fascinated by the sensory aspects of life, and the joy we can draw out of small moments. Work connects to mental health, movement, feminism and opening up taboo subjects for conversation.

Diary 2021

The river ripples away at my feet, carrying dead leaves and broken twigs with it around the bend. The soft “plop” of a fish jumping permeates the surface, reminding me of all the life within these waters. I crouch down and dip a hand in, swirling my fingers around the mossy stones near the bank. It feels icy.

I had awoken early, with just a few slivers of light creeping out through the clouds and across the sky. The air that greeted my sleepy face when I had flung open the window smelt of bracken, gorse and the wildness of the moors, coaxing me out for an adventure. I had dressed quickly, made a flask of hot coffee and stuffed it into my bag along with a large slice of parkin (the best adventure food).

Now I am here, at the river, with the morning light showing the orange leaves of the woodland in all their joyful glory. I slip out of my warm clothes and into the water. It’s cold. But I feel more alive than I have for days. Kicking off from the bank I swim upriver. I am free.

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