Eleni Matangi

Writer, eco-psychologist, dancer-in-nature, artist, mother. Creatress of gatherings for connection, exchange of ideas, deep work and new ways. Teacher/student of the Natural Rhythm of Life. Living between the South Downs and New Forest...home is Earth.

Email: eleni@inter-connections.org

Diary 2019

The Natural Rhythm of Life flows through all things ... the seasons of the year, the phases of the moon, our human life cycles, the pattern of day and night. This rhythm is a natural part of us, and we are a part of it.

It flows through us on an inner level too ... in the functioning of our body’s systems, our learning process, our creativity and projects, our life changes and transformations, our stories, and our urges to connect with others or to be alone. It is a constant reminder of our interconnection with everything.

When we know its pattern, we can live our lives with greater wellbeing and wholeness. We can flow more easily with the changes in our lives and in our world. We can trust the bigger picture and our place within it. We can remind ourselves that each phase will flow to the next in its own time ... that worry, fear or forcing only drains our energy. We can learn to bring presence, attention and care to what is needed here and now. We can learn to transform our anger and frustration into positive action for what we love. We can learn to balance ourselves, feel more centred, more alive, and gift ourselves pauses to listen more deeply. This is good medicine for our times. This is nature showing us how to live.

The Natural Rhythm of Life © Eleni Matangi 2017