Shanti Macnamara

Shanti Macnamara is a circus performer, artist, a developing writer who has grown up with permaculture always around her. She grew up in Wales, yet has moved around her whole life. She is inspired by the magical and the mundane.

Diary 2021

I sit, letting my jumper fall past my shoulders, exposing my flesh to the kiss of the sun. Moss is growing under me. I rejoice as I become part of that growth, nourished by Earth and the thoughts in my mind swept in by the wind that is spinning through the leaves of trees in the distance. A leaf falls near me, and I’m reminded of Autumn coming. Already the branches of the apple trees are bowed under the promises of juice, and cider, and crumbles. A swamp of bracken stirs to my left. I stir myself, pick up my wooden bowl, and carry on with my wandering path to gather wineberries. I end up with the fresh sharp tingle of nettles running up my arms and down my legs, hands sticky, and my bowl full of sweet berries. I consider myself falling out of place from the City I just came from, leaning into the twists and rhythms and steady pulsing of connection with the Nature surrounding me.

Resurfacing Connectivity © Shanti Macnamara 2019