Celeste Lovick

My newest project is a novel by the name of ‘Medicine Song’, which explores the healing power of love and music, inspired by experiences from my own musical journey and working with Earth energy.

Website: celestelovick.com

Diary 2018

Before each of us are born, we choose. We choose the circumstances of our birth. We choose a path in life that will be most deeply fulfilling to the soul. We choose those members of our soul family who we will come together with in this life, who can shine a light for us, as we shine a light for them. And so we help to illuminate the path for one another. As we are born, Spirit refracts its light into all the elements of physical existence: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. And because of the density of having a human body, most of us forget who we are. Most of us forget what it is we are really made of.

Human beings have free will, and so sometimes the path may wind, but the Heart-Self is always singing, for those who are ready to hear it, from wherever we are, a compass always pointing to home. We are in the time of the Great Awakening on Earth. And all of us born here at this time have our part to play in the awakening consciousness, so that we may heal ourselves, our relationship with our Earth, and all beings who live here. As each of us comes to remember, we can choose to raise our own voices and join in this great Heart Song, this great wave which ultimately embraces us all.

Preface to Medicine Song © Celeste Lovick 2016