Elizabeth Jane Lovely

Elizabeth is a Word-Artist, Core Shamanic practitioner, and Doctoral Researcher. She lives in a tiny county that does not always exist, and has to regularly negotiate with the brambles to access the human world.

Website: thefaerytaleapothecary.com

Diary 2024

What is there when we pay attention?
Not to the Big
But to the Small
The Underfoot
The Quiet
Our face kissing the grass and the mud.
Can we quieten enough to hear the murmur that responds?
Can we take ourselves away from the Human Made?
Back to where we belong
To this Song of the Land.
Fallen leaves want to sing secrets into us
Like a sweet lullaby dripped into our gentleness
Does it matter which ear we listen with?
Our breaths only have to meet in the merest show of “Tell Me”
Then the Winds will carry the rhythms to our waiting bodies.
And suddenly we know
Just as the Birds know
The Birds have always known
We are one big story
Perfectly Aligned

The Song of the Land © Elizabeth Jane Lovely 2020