Emily Jane Love

Emily Jane Love is a Loveolutionary, dance, and sparkle strategist. She has a vision unfolding where we are all re-connected to the Earth, ourselves and each other again.

Website: emilyjanelove.com

Diary 2018

Dancing with trees, or outside in a field on the grass, or in woods, is a beautiful and enlivening experience. Have you ever noticed how trees dance? If you spend any time with trees on a breezy day you can see them move and blow in the wind and it looks very much like dancing. Isadora Duncan, the mother of modern dance, used to spend hours dancing under a big oak tree until she could feel the spirit of the tree flow through her.

Spending time with trees is grounding and energising. We cannot live without the oxygen that trees provide. There is something deeply magical and soothing about dancing barefoot on the ground with a tree to accompany you. It can feel really relaxing to copy the moves of the branches and leaves with your arms and hands and fingers and body. You can play music too but you don’t always need it, as there is a natural rhythm that comes with the breeze. Your feet become connected to the earth and you feel grounded and supported. You get extra oxygen in your lungs which gives you more energy and there is an innate feeling that makes you feel deeply whole and at one with yourself and the universe.

Dancing with Trees © Emily Jane Love