Amanda Griffiths

Born in the beautiful Forest of Dean, I am at my happiest in wild woods and wild water. I’m a passionate vegan and deeply committed to extending our circle of compassion to the whole Web of Life.


Diary 2020

We walk, my friend and I, to connect to our beautiful planet home and we walk to connect with each other. Over four years we have walked into our friendship, weaving intimate ties with each other and the Earth. We are passionate lovers of the more-than-human world, delighting in all our senses, from the dipping flight of Woodpecker to the primal screech of Raven, the purple shock of Orchid to the enticing green of the Hart’s Tongue path, from the giddy scent of Elderflower to the Banded Demoiselles, iridescent marvels above the murmuring stream.

Season into season we walk, eating the wild as we go. Crossing the stream in the rain and singing to Wild Garlic as we delicately pick each leaf, nibbling Hawthorn leaves straight from the tree, picking Nettle seeds that might shock our mouth or gathering Blackberries under the big bright blue.

The thrill of a rare glimpse of Monkshood, or the shock of cold water as we take a dip, our bodies vibrant and thrumming.

And this year we guided our first Wild Earth Walk, to share our joy of walking and hoping to inspire others to notice the magic all around and our intimate connection to the whole Web of Life.

And we walk to find the wild inside.

Wild Earth Walking © Amanda Griffiths 2017


Diary 2018

Were you washed up
On the morning tide
Like driftwood?
Gull feathers tangled in your hair
Limbs cold-blue as the sea

Heart barely beating
I wrap myself around you
A seal-soft shawl
Cradling you like a dream

A warm kiss
On your salt-laden lips
Friction kindling fire
Chasing the chill
From your ocean-whipped bones

I am moon-pulled by your mariner’s eyes
Brimming with secrets
Dark as a night without stars
Wild as the wind

You are sea-shaman, singer of storms!

And on a hot breath
You whisper your names

Sea shaman
Whale rider
Singer of storms

Kin of the deep ones
Lightning seed
Bringer... of dreams

Salvaged © Amanda Griffiths 2015