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Led by her love of the stars, Joanna offers clients guidance at life’s thresholds, opening the way to self- empowerment and healing, helping others to lead a more authentic and magical life.

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Calendar 2021 - Astrology writing

Astrology For 2021

At the point of the Winter Solstice in December 2020, there comes to pass a ‘great conjunction’, the meeting of Jupiter and Saturn in the skies, something that only happens every 20 years. Occurring in the sign of Aquarius, it ends a two hundred year epoch of these two planets uniting in Earth Signs. Whilst we have focused on materialism and the exploitation of the earth during these last two centuries, 2021 marks the beginning of the era of Air. This change of element will bring disruption and dramatic change to collective ideas and the way we communicate, empowered further by a square aspect with Uranus in Taurus, which has the potential to bring down the outdated societal structures of the Earth era. On a personal level, we will all be challenged to release embedded myths that no longer serve us, from some area of our lives, ready to take on the dawning of a different and changing world to the one that we inherited.

♈︎ Aries: Fortunate associations mark this year, with lucky associations or benefactors helping to offset any sudden changes that may occur in income or material assets. The focus will be close to home this year, rather than travel abroad, and healing comes through self awareness and attending to your physical health.

♉︎ Taurus: This year, change occurs in the way that you are seen by the public and professional life, heralding the start of a new cycle in this area. Matters close to your local area keep you occupied, and the year will be fortunate in terms of friendships and communications of all kinds. Healing comes through making peace with all that you keep hidden from view.

♊︎ Gemini: This year focuses your attention on matters further afield, and unexpected events could well prompt a journey that takes you away from your usual stamping ground. The spotlight is on you this year though, rather than attending to others, so take good advice when it comes your way. Healing comes through your supportive friendships.

♋︎ Cancer: A year marked by endings can leave you feeling disconnected from your social network, and less likely to feel supported. This situation however, urges you to look deeper into the dynamics at play and to recognise that it may be time to focus on nurturing your own wellbeing, rather than always caring for others. Healing comes through your career, or through the maternal line.

♌︎ Leo: Personal relationships are on the agenda this year, with a major change in the way that you “do” relating. New arenas of activity bring different connections, opening communications to a wider world. Healing comes through further education or travel overseas.

♍︎ Virgo: A year to take your health seriously and to start that new regime, something that may require you to pursue further education or a new spiritual path. Making new connections through your career opens new pathways, and healing comes through accepting loss as a precursor to change.

♎︎ Libra: Recreation, pleasure, creativity and childrenare highlighted this year, widening your horizons, and enriching your social connections. Unexpected losses bring the preciousness of enjoyment into sharp focus and healing comes through the depth of your one-to-one personal relationships.

♏︎ Scorpio: Matters related to your family of origin, and unexpected events concerning personal relationshipsurge you to look back at what came before. Information concerning those who have passed could shed light on situations that concern you now, and healing comes through understanding how repeating emotional patterns can influence the health of the physical body.

♐︎ Sagittarius: Siblings and neighbours could take centre stage this year, with life filled with day-to-day activities and the demands of others. Running yourself ragged is ill-advised and it would be unwise to let stress undermine your health. Healing comes through making time available for doing what you love the best.

♑︎ Capricorn: A new start in the area of possessions this year is possible, through letting go of material goods that are no longer needed. You see now that your social connections are far more valuable than physical things, and often less heavy! Healthy disruption comes from the influence of children, and healing arrives through revisiting your ancestral inheritance.

♒︎ Aquarius: Life takes on a whole new dimension this year, and a change of location could be a part of this. Although change can be difficult, the new connections that you make will compensate for the loss of your day-to-day routine, with healing coming from the knowledge that close friends and family are only a text away.

♓︎ Pisces: It’s business as usual Pisces, whose challenge this year is to unearth hidden treasure, revealing a new understanding of what is really important in life. Sudden changes in your daily schedule, or upset in your relationships with siblings urge a deeper consideration of your values, whilst healing comes through developing a greater understanding of your true worth.

Astrology For 2021 © Joanna Grant 2020


Diary 2020 - Astrology writing

Void of Course Moon

Step into the void with gratitude for nothing other than the space to gather your dreams and visions around you like a cloak. Breathe and be still. Take time to turn inwards, to review, and to remember; listen to the guide within, and breathe again. There are no brave new beginnings here, no bold departures, no dramatic finales; it is not a time to push and strive. Yield to the moment; allow the breath of it to touch you in your unknown places, to ease your arms open for the release of that which needs to leave. Observe. Watch what happens when you put down the baton. Meditate. Listen to the quiet voice, the one that is often drowned in the daily grinding of wheels. Review. Fly up, birdlike, into the sky. Take the higher view. What is your perspective now?

The Moon Through the Signs.

Aries ♈︎ - I Am: The fire starter, the energy of spring, the bursting forth of life. Let me rush in, filled with excitement, childlike, exploring a brand new world, eager to conquer, brash and brave. I am the vanquishing soldier, God of War, cloaked in dreams of valorous deeds; but do not for a moment try to tame me, or hold me close, for I would die rather than be suffocated by a placid life.

Taurus ♉︎ - I Possess: The strength and fertility of the budding earth; I am the song of love, the sensuality of life itself. Taste me, touch me, take me, yield to me, and give yourself up to my creative and passionate desires. Through me experience the Goddess of love, the love of life, the love of the Earth, and all that clothes her.

Gemini ♊︎ - I Think: And my thoughts flit out into the air of the world like butterflies in summer. I gather and distribute, collect and share, I link and lace wherever I find, bringing ideas and thoughts together, that would not otherwise find each other. I am mischievous, psycho-pomp, walker between worlds, light and dark. My face is always smiling and I hide my darkness even from myself.

Cancer ♋︎ - I Feel: With every atom of my being, my tides turning with the vagaries of the moon. I nurture and care, my home is my castle, and I protect all that reside there with fierceness and devotion. I am mother, seductress, queen of the sea: from limpid calm to savage storm I can turn, in the break of a wave. Fear not under my command, I am the carer, the source divine.

Leo ♌︎ - I Will: Walk onto life’s stage with extravagance and playfulness, I will be the life and soul of the party! I am generous and giving, I am organised and loyal, I am a leader, I am the king of my domain. Feed me drama and excitement, wonder and glee, but also let us all be united in the desire for warmth, joy and laughter, for my heart is big enough to hold us all within its walls.

Virgo ♍︎ - I Analyse: I sort and sift, searching for meaning, pattern and purpose. I seek practical understanding, and am curious about how best to apply my skills. I am the smooth running of a well-oiled machine, the ordered perfection, the digested meal. My balance is finely tuned,sensitive to what does not belong. Listen to my body awareness, my earthy knowledge, my eternal search for harmony and health.

Libra ♎︎ - I Balance: I harmonise, I seek to reflect beauty and poise. I am the peerless perfection of structure and form; I am the peacemaker, the negotiator, the other side of every coin. In me, everything is weighed and adjusted. I bring justice to all things; I favour none, but speak only from the point of my truth. Seek not to beg favour, for I will always do what is right.

Scorpio ♏︎ - I Desire: to give myself up to the perfect storm of passion and power. I am the yearning hunger of lust, of possession, of revenge, of sorrow and of pain. I am the highest of heights, I am the lowest of lows, all tempests are mine to behold and command. Drink from the peak of my exquisite pain; know both heaven and hell in my arms.

Sagittarius ♐︎ - I Seek: to know all that I can, to experience distant places, in all realms. I am a traveller of far-off lands, which exist in earth, in fire, in air and in water. I learn, I gather, I expand my awareness; I delight in all new experiences. I constantly add to my store of knowledge and experience, bringing back tales of adventure and teaching.

Capricorn ♑︎ - I Achieve: all that I aspire to, slowly and with care and attention. I move cautiously, testing each step, making sure that my footing is secure. I am an upholder of tradition, stable and reliable. Change is not a joy for me, but I honour its necessity, and take my time. I appreciate the process and maturity of life, and I come to laugh at how small I am in the greater scheme.

Aquarius ♒︎ - I Know: more than I can explain, for I am in touch with the power of the collective human mind. All thoughts are mine and yet I own none of them. I am the power of the group, the heart of humanity, a child of the world. I speak for all peoples, I am beholden to no-one, I am a wanderer between Heaven and Earth.

Pisces ♓︎ - I Believe: in the power of the unseen. The waters of the womb are my source of inspiration, to surrender to a force that is greater than me, to return to the place where I came from. Through me, all seek to return to that point of bliss, that connection with the divine, that point of creation, that seed of perfect union.

Phases of the Moon

The silver thread of the waxing and waning moon guides us subtly through life’s tides. Attuning yourself with the moon’s phases, especially as they aspect your natal chart, can provide a living meditation, blessing your life with lunar harmony.

New Moon: I am the power of the bursting seed, dancing in the beckoning void, ripe with limitless potentials. A kaleidoscope of outcomes tempts you, but be still in the darkness of the Moon. Sense the power of her black womb, and wait. Trust that in the stillness, I, the right “seed”, will find you, a vision for your soul to nurture.

Crescent Moon: I push against your ingrained habits, your clinging to the past. Your fears do battle with me, for I am the promise of the new and they are the reassurance of the old. I threaten your stability and confront you with your fear of progress. Listen to your intuition; trust your desire to grow.

First Quarter Moon: My power is waxing; I fill you with your future vision. I lay foundations and clear away the structures of the past. I inspire you with potentials, my enthusiasm knows no boundaries. Dreams and visions carry you forwards into an expanding sense of possibilities.

Gibbous Moon: I have shown you my ecstatic fullness, and I must help you to shape your vision. In the growing light of my fullness, you reflect and clarify, become aware of both light and dark. Perfect your dreams, and understand all that is coming to be beneath my silver gaze.

Full Moon: In the glory of my fullness I speak to you, revealing my truth. There are no secrets here: all will be declared. Now it is time to turn away from that which is no longer fulfilling. I empower you to live your authentic self, to be unashamed of your fullness, to embrace your power, to proclaim your true self, without fear.

Disseminating Moon: As I diminish, I send my messengers out into the world, bearing the fruits of my experience. I help you to understand what has happened, how it can add value to your life and to the lives of others. Share my lessons, give my wisdom to others, become a teacher of all that you have learned. Sow seeds, harvested from our union, so that our story may bloom anew in another heart.

Last Quarter Moon: The darkness approaches, I portend the shock of the next phase. I challenge you to embody and LIVE all that you have learned, to re-orientate, to break away from your outworn patterns. As you cut a new path in the growing darkness, I ask you to trust, to accept the unknown with humour, to take the name of “pioneer”.

Balsamic Moon: With the last of my light, commit to your vision of the future. The past is shed, the future is foreshadowed. Now I am seer, I am oracle; release what is past, make room for the new. Give yourself up to this process of passing away and release yourself into the void.

2020 Retrograde Planets

Retrograde Mercury:
17th February – 20th March ~ I call you back that you may liberate yourself from ties that no longer bind you, that you may free yourself from the entanglements that distract you from your journey home.
18th June – 12th July ~ I call you back that you may recognise the importance of nurturing what is of greatest value to you, to protect it, guard it and gird it against predators, so that it may grow in peace and love.
14th October – 3rd November ~ I call you back that you may recognise that a strong connection to your centre, your unwavering source, is the key to avoiding the slavery of momentary desires.

Retrograde Venus: 13th May – 25th June ~ I ask you to tread softly through the multitude of choices that are available to you, and to follow the quiet voice of your heart. Amid the jostle and confusion, follow the guidance of your soul, allow the persuasions and affairs of others to fall away, to leave what is important standing proud with welcoming arms.

Retrograde Mars: 9th September – 14th November ~ I present you with the challenge to live in the moment, to recognise that passion is a vehicle of creativity, rather than the destination itself. Within this experience I charge you to recognise the equal importance of the masculine & feminine forces within you, and to use them to create a world of your own choosing, a realm that reflects the truth of your heart.

Astrology writing for 2020 © Joanna Grant