Lula Garner

I work as a developer of people. I dance as an explorer. I practise yoga and meditation as a peacemaker. I write as a seeker. I hold my family as a mother, daughter, partner, sister, friend, homemaker,


Diary 2018

I unroll my yoga mat in my hilltop garden to land once again
like a returning voyager to the space within:
naming the heart, claiming the body, stilling the soul.
Amid the rushing pictures of my life I ask
Where am I trying to get to? And why?
It really is quite tiring, this constant striving and desiring!
I fling my arms wide, taking a breath to greet the here and now.
Rather than seethe inside, I take a moment to see the inside.
I picture a wedge of ancestors standing behind me;
cheering, steering the present expression of this lineage.
All anyone can do to heal the broken in the world
is tend to the self first, from which to deliver ourselves.
To simply stand and breathe I am blessed beyond measure -
bone-deep, heart-wide, mind-full,
soul voyaging high:
grateful am I.

Voyager © Lula Garner 2016


Diary 2017

We meet in a local wood covered in Beltane’s bounty, that herald of Mayday mayhem: bluebells, sited somewhere between azure and amethyst. Longtime companions in crafting ceremony to mark our passage through earthly festivals, we have travelled time together turning on nature’s wheel. We begin our honouring sat back against back. Thus supported we call in directions to describe sacred space within which to breathe in awareness a while. Amidst our delight at Beech’s lime green silken petticoats weaving a lacelike canopy, we are still and silent in contemplation of what lies before us. Rooted, we absorb each other’s heart-full presence: resonating gently, solid in the years we have shared, nourished by this mutual validation of our way of being, we turn and speak out bright blessings, naming gratitudes from our lives, tumbling one over the other, ending with a prayer framed as a wish. Blessed be to Beltane’s promise of the rising tides of light, warmth, growth, and thanks to all that be; for thee, daring, darling, soul sister and me.

Ceremonial Companions (Lula Garner & Viveka Bowry) © Lula Garner 2015