Clare Dubois

Clare Dubois is Founder of, a women-led, culture change and tropical reforestation organisation, rooted in the UK but planting throughout the tropics. She is a voice for nature, for the feminine rising and for authentic love in action.


Diary 2021

What would it be to live in a world without trees? What would it be to miss the graceful sway of fresh green leaves, the strength and solidity of their faithful presence? What would it be to live without their example of unconditional generosity, mutuality, sharing and provision for all?

I cannot live in a world without trees, and yet we have taken them for granted for so long, removed countless forests without consent or apology. Now, everywhere on Earth, disease and pathogens are decimating our immune-compromised trees. They are leaving our world, in every country, on every continent.

What if we could strengthen our trees’ immunity with our love? What if the people that came before us who tended these trees, did ceremony with these trees, sang to these trees, and lived in conscious relationship with these trees, were also strengtheners of the health and vitality of those trees?

I have a prayer, as so many species are leaving us, that we consciously sing them on their way, or that we ask them how to help them to stay; that we do not take one single tree for granted; that we protect them with all that we have; that we let them know how cherished they are; that we go to them, and pray with them, and add the nutrient of our love into the forest floor of unconditional generosity.

We do what is needed to stay living in a world of trees.

Embodying Tree © Clare Dubois 2019


Calendar 2021

Our world transforms as we transform ourselves. Whilst fear beckons us in the face of so much loss and instability, the path of the heart calls more and more loudly. Love is the ultimate solution now. Love that chooses not to look away in the face of mass extinction, social injustice and climate change. Fierce love that seeks to embrace and include, to feel what is asking to be felt, to reach out to those in need and to ask, 'What more can I do now to serve this wild and precious life?'

Because what and who do we love? Everything we have, need and love comes out of the Earth that we have been taught to take so utterly for granted. This profound lie of separation has become a numbed-out norm that severs us from levels of intimacy and belonging that we crave, that are our birthright, that show us who we are and awakens us to the sacred in all her forms. Everything that you have, need and love is sacred, because it is all of this world and our world is sacred. Nature has given us everything. Nature IS our everything.

Daring to Love Deeply © Clare Dubois