Cat Cox

Cat Cox began her astrological journey in 1984 and has travelled through modern, traditional and academic approaches to the art. Influenced by the Western Mystery Tradition and women’s spirituality, she has come to think of her practice as a spiritual one.


Diary 2017 - Astrology Writing

The Moon through the Signs

♈︎ Moon in Aries calls us into life to take action. Activating and initiating, this Moon in cardinal fire engenders motivation and drive for our projects and plans. A time for will and intention.

♉︎ Moon in Taurus connects us to nature. Sensual and earthy, this Moon in fixed earth attunes us to the rhythms of life, enables us to slow down, ground and take delight in the physical realm. A time for embodiment.

♊︎ Moon in Gemini revels in the multiplicity of life. Busy and always on the go, this Moon in mutable air takes pleasure in the realm of the mind, in social contact and conversation. A time for sharing ideas and making connections.

♋︎ Moon in Cancer nourishes the inner life. Soulful and home- loving, this Moon in cardinal water enriches through contact with the imaginal world and the feeling dimension of life. A time for emotional nourishment.

♌︎ Moon in Leo evokes the creative spark. Exuberant, dramatic and spirited, this Moon in fixed fire joys in self-expression and takes delight in the process of self-discovery as the world lights up and we come alive. A time for play.

♍︎ Moon in Virgo works with care. Skilful and capable, this Moon in mutable earth takes satisfaction in bringing order to daily life with gentleness and a willingness to be useful. A time for attending to life’s practicalities.

♎︎ Moon in Libra finds pleasure in the other. Responsive and reflective, this Moon in cardinal air joys in the pleasure of sharing and co-operating and seeks out company for dialogue and exchange. A time for relationship.

♏︎ Moon in Scorpio explores the emotional depths. Powerful, determined and courageous, this Moon in fixed water operates beneath the surface of life, travelling through the emotional undercurrents and into the inner worlds. A time to attune to the inner life.

♐︎ Moon in Sagittarius seeks adventure. Freedom loving and expansive, this Moon in mutable fire journeys to expand horizons and explores the vision of how life might be. A time for taking a wider perspective of life.

♑︎ Moon in Capricorn brings into manifestation. Pragmatic and dependable, this Moon in cardinal earth understands the nature of matter where planning, effort and time are needed to bring ideas to fruition. A time for building through hard work.

♒︎ Moon in Aquarius understands what it means to be different. Alternative, unique and independent minded, this Moon in fixed air recognises other ways of being in the world and knows the value of exploring this in the group. A time for community.

♓︎ Moon in Pisces yearns for oneness. Sensitive, dreamy and imaginative, this Moon in mutable water is attuned to the intangibles of life, absorbing divine inspiration from the wider cosmos. A time to dream.

The Phases of the Moon

The Moon, the Queen of the Night, the celestial embodiment of the Divine Feminine, is both ever-changing and eternal. As she moves through her phases in the monthly drama enacted across the night sky, she shows us the mystery of life, the perennial cycle of birth and death, and the promise of rebirth. We recognise that life on earth reflects these patterns of the heavens, as we discover that all aspects of life are cyclical. From the fruitfulness of the earth and women’s fertility cycles to our creativity, relationships and work, all life ebbs and flows. Life and time are cyclical and reflect the lunar cycle of birth, culmination, death and rebirth. As we connect to the cycles of nature and the heavens, we can recognise our own inner and outer cycles and seek to align our activities with the larger cyclical patterns of life.

New Moon is the seed moment of the cycle and the time of the dark moon when the moon conjuncts the sun. This is the period of introspection and contemplation when we can pay attention to what is beneath the surface and seed intentions into the fertile soil of the inner world to awake with the increase of light. A time for contemplation and introspection.

Crescent Moon is the time of the visible new moon when the young crescent moon sets just after sunset. This is the time of new beginnings and a time to initiate new plans as this fresh growing moon brings the ideas and experiences seeded in the dark to life. A time for new beginnings.

First Quarter is a time of adjustment or challenge when the moon stands square to the sun and we can test our resolve or steady ourselves to overcome obstacles. A time of action, expression and organisation.

Gibbous Moon is a time of increasing light when the moon waxes bright and growth flourishes as this swelling tide brings greater consciousness and awareness. A time for growth and development.

Full Moon at the full moon we reach a peak of expansion. This is the time of maximum illumination when our capacity for reflection and our sensitivity is at its height and events and experiences come to culmination. A time for realisation and fulfilment.

Disseminating Moon is the beginning of the waning phase as the light begins to diminish and we move to a period of sharing and sending out the fruits of our plans and experiences which were realised at the full moon. A time for sharing and distributing.

Last Quarter is a further testing time when the waning square brings reorientation and evaluation. This is a period when we can reorganise and clear out what is no longer useful. A time for realignment and revision.

Balsamic Moon This time calls us to surrender all that was dreamt, all that was made real. The greater mysteries of creation see the destruction of what was manifest in order to re-enter the cycle of creation anew. This perfects the intention and holds the dream of our rebirth as co-creators in life.

Retrograde Planets

From our earth-centred perspective anchored in the land, at times the planets appear to move backwards against the stars. These periods offer us the opportunity for introspection, reflection, revisiting and reworking.

Mercury Retrograde may evoke some confusion or misunderstanding in our communications and plans such that we might want to double check our diaries or our travel arrangements, yet at these times he can offer us the opportunity to revisit conversations or ideas, or support periods of meditation or reflection on our projects and plans.

Mercury’s retrograde periods in 2017 are as follows: beginning of the year to 8th Jan; 10th April to 3rd May; 13th August to 5th September; 3rd December to 23rd December.

Venus Retrograde may engender some turbulence in our relationships or creative work, yet at these times she can offer us the opportunity to rework aspects of our relationships and can support new creative currents to emerge. Venus’ retrograde period in 2017 is 4th March to 15th April.

Void of Course Moon

The Moon, travelling on her monthly path through the heavens, makes connections to the other planets by aspect as she journeys around the whole zodiac in this time. The void of course period (v/c) is a time when she makes no further traditional aspects to the planets before changing sign. This can be a fallow time when new actions or plans may fail to initiate or events pause. At times this is welcome, when resting, doing nothing or when no further action can be the best option or outcome!

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