Ric Cheyney

Ric Cheyney is an agrarian misanthrope, writer, critic, songsmith and woodland gardener. A book of his selected writings, In Praise Of Nahum Tate, (ISBN 978-1-83859-070-3) can be ordered through your local bookseller. See website for more info.

Website: woodminster.net

Calendar 2020

Human pride is always riding for a fall. We have called ourselves the Crown Of Creation, the dominant species, the top of the food chain, but life-forms ranging from microscopic viruses to planet-hugging mushrooms could challenge that perceived supremacy. And sometimes Mother Earth herself steps in to remind us that she will be around long after she has buried every boast.

If a category-five storm tours your neighbourhood slowly enough, you will acquire true humility. The sea, as any lifeboat volunteer will tell you, does not even know your name. And the powers that keep everything spinning, well, they cannot be properly imagined.

The tsunami that wrecked the Fukushima nuclear power plant was triggered by an earthquake that knocked our home planet four inches off her own axis. It shortened the distance between Japan and the USA by eight whole feet.

She is Mother Earth. Don’t mess with her. Instead, get out there, grab a lungful of clean fresh air, give humble thanks, and marvel at her magnificence.

Hubris and Humility © Ric Cheyney