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I am fascinated by the patterns that link and lie between all things. I love making art and communicating through image. Currently I’m exploring the landscape Zodiac in the Preseli mountains.

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Diary 2019 - Astrology writing

The ‘Void of Course’ Moon - (V/C)

If you are interested in working with the Moon in your life and your projects, then knowing about these quiet times of lunar phase is essential. As the Moon travels to the end of a Zodiac sign, if she makes no significant relationship to another planet we regard her path, her ‘course’, as void for those hours – until she enters the field of the next Zodiac sign. For this period there will be little planetary energy pulsing through to Earth, little to bless new initiatives. However, this can also be used to your advantage! Slipping through the gaps we can avoid confrontation with something we consider too demanding or disadvantageous. Atunement to this period can be an interesting experience of space, which then enriches the rhythm and depth of our lives. For instance, like a pause, a side step in a dance, like the space between words in a poem, we take a breath.

Retrograde Planets

From our perspective on Earth it seems the planets sometimes stop and travel backwards in their wanderings. This sees them revisiting points in the Zodiac they had already passed. The lived experience of this indicates time for reflection on their particular influence and teachings.

Retrograde Mercury: On a practical level ensure your bicycles, computers, cars and phones are serviced in preparation for this time. Check your travel plans. On an interpersonal level be more patient and up for listening to others. We can meet mixed up transmissions with tolerance. Within your own self you will probably be called to be mindful of your own voice. It’s a perfect time to be open to stilling the mind, to reflect and receive a reorientation of thought. March 5th - 28th 2019, July 7th - August 2nd 2019, October 31st - November 19th 2019

Retrograde Jupiter: To be honest, this retrograde chunk in the middle of the year might be a good thing, as it will probably help steady the ideals and help anchor the meaning of the time. As it dovetails with a period of Mercury retrograde and they are both wisdom planets, it suggests a reflective energy in the summer. Excellent for academic and spiritual pursuits, though physical adventures may require more planning and preparation. April 10th 2019 – August 11th 2019

The Moon through the Signs

The Moon articulates the signs of the Zodiac differently from the Sun. Rather than a striving for the spiritual purpose of the sign, the Moon translates a more subjective experience of the energy to us earthly inhabitants.

♈︎ Moon in Aries: A time for contacting your individuality. Desire is inflamed! What are you prepared to fight for? This is the time to assert your self: to begin, to act and birth out into the world.

♉︎ Moon in Taurus: A time for getting in touch with your body and the Nature kingdom. Appreciate the material and sensual life and what you need in order to build your own security.

♊︎ Moon in Gemini: Time to communicate and learn. A time to mentally and socially embrace the intermingling of all forces and be alive to diversity. Time for the messenger and networking.

♋︎ Moon in Cancer: A good time for nourishment of the home, soul and senses. Very much linked with the past and family. Cooking, eating, caring, touching, intimacy, plants and the seashore. Feather your nest.

♌︎ Moon in Leo: Now is the time to shine! Play and creativity for its own sake. Power, drama, leadership, performance, playfulness, love and pleasure. Time for the Heart!

♍︎ Moon in Virgo: The radiance of Leo settles into the wisdom of the need to serve. These practical energies see the sacred nature of work. This is a good time to sift and sort, making improvements in life.

♎︎ Moon in Libra: A good time to enjoy art and culture. A time to communicate democratically. Libran energy teaches us that there is no ‘me’ without ‘you’. A harmonising and civilising force to work with. Do your books balance?

♏︎ Moon in Scorpio: The lunar energies are challenged and deepened here. A difficult expression but potent. A good time to face shared difficulties, move beyond power-plays and let go. A good time to check on shared finances and resources.

♐︎ Moon in Sagittarius: Energy is much freer now. The invitation is to expand, to seek for truth of the spirit, to discover cosmic laws in our life. A good time for special journeys and a pursuit of special knowledge.

♑︎ Moon in Capricorn: A time for tough love and facing practicalities, obligations and duties. This is a good time for economising and managing resources with your greater goals in mind. Good for business and family.

♒︎ Moon in Aquarius: The strength of this time comes through friendship and group pursuits. Light and impersonal, the Moon works best here with ideals, social connection and group creativity with a shared goal in mind.

♓︎ Moon in Pisces: A return to dreaming, the Moon in Pisces feels all. This time suits the imagination, compassion and spirituality. We may turn from the world and its suffering or open our Hearts to healing.

Phases of the Moon

The Moon is our supreme translator of the Light of creation. Rather than being subsidiary to the glorious Sun, her role is actually to bring forth creation on Earth like the Mother she is, for she is the necessary intermediary between the Sun, stars and the developing Earth consciousness. The lunar energy both brings form into the world and oversees its demise. She works with the etheric level of life. She works with Form and Time and so she shapes the patterning of the world around us. We can mark the lunar power through the phases of the Moon:

The New Moon: The beginning of a new cycle attuned to the energies of the sign the Sun and Moon are in. A seed time, a dream time, a good time to set intentions quietly in your inner space.

The Crescent Moon: We begin to see the thin sharp sickle of moonlight. Energy begins to gather. Subtle signs of growth and form appear.

The Waxing Quarter Moon: The upward surge of energy meets with resistance. A time when we can encounter conflicts and blocks that shape the growth of our intention. Be prepared to make concessions and compromise, for that is what will take you forward.

The Gibbous Moon: Now the challenges are overcome and there is nothing to impede the inevitable growth. This is a harmonious time, where we attract allies and create together.

The Full Moon: The power of the initial intention and inspiration are gloriously blossoming in our lives. The seed, the dream, is manifested and blessed. There is a magic and a madness to the bright energy.

The Disseminating Moon: Now, what was grown can be shared. What has ripened can be eaten and enjoyed. A teaching Moon.

The Waning Quarter Moon: The energy must break down, the project must change. Here we have the challenge of admitting the necessity of change, the challenge of admitting imperfection. An excellent time for serious review as we face having to let go.

The Balsamic Moon: This time calls us to surrender all that was dreamt, all that was made real. The greater mysteries of creation see the destruction of what was manifest in order to re-enter the cycle of creation anew. This perfects the intention and holds the dream of our rebirth as co-creators in life.

Dancing with the Moon

If you are interested in furthering your effectiveness in working with Lunar lore then I suggest two clear paths you could try. During the day the Earth’s ionosphere forms an extra shield around her as protection from the harshness of the Sun’s rays. At night frequency changes and so the ionosphere is softened. The rays of the Moon and stars can now permeate Earth, carry out their transmissions and be absorbed by Nature. So, spending time outside at night is a great way to open to the Moon and more fully send her your love and receive her gifts. This way is more embodied and suits the growth of an intuitive and inspirational path. A more intellectual and strategic way to work with lunar energies is to synthesise the phase of the Moon with the sign it’s in. This way we can make more informed choices in our lives. We can also hone our observation of the lunar effect on life around us.

Astrology writing for 2019 © Ruth Brocklehurst 2018


Diary 2018

The Astrology Mat is a collaboration between myself and Sarah Wilson. My dream was to have an interactive, visually enriched representation of the Zodiac that could be used to facilitate an embodied and dynamic experience of astrology, because I feel this to be powerful and healing. So the mat functions as a lively energetic focus for a shamanic approach to astrology. I’ve loved the sensitivity of Sarah’s work for years and asked her to make the panels for the mat. Both of us poured our energy into it. The content, information and imagery were developed through a series of meditations. Sarah would hold the space for the meditation and support me to journey. Then she’d take notes as I relayed what happened. Sarah then went through her own atunement process out of which she developed an image in a textile panel for each sign. People really respond to the beauty that Sarah has created in each panel. They want to reach out and touch, they wonder, they are moved. Each panel is detachable so the soft felt can be held in your hands, the intricate story can be explored with fingers. The mat creates a sacred space that welcomes in the teachings of the Zodiac signs and the Planets through the texture of the BodyMind. I’ve already started using it with clients and for dynamic Astro drama and group energy work.

The Astrology Mat © Ruth Brocklehurst 2016