Isabelle Baigent

A writer and owner of a Devon-based apothecary specialising in intuitive and seasonal oil blends. I love the wilds, the mystical call to experience this beautiful Earth through writing, folklore and Rose Alchemy. Instagram: @by.isa.rose

Instagram: @by.isa.rose

Diary 2024

I came to the precipice of all I could endure
I lay down by the cove and watched people swim
I thought about conditioning of the heart
I thought about the loss of the mystical
And from a distant form of thought
A woman came out of the sea
And what she said to me
What she said
Was that all lives are measured
And not one of us are the same
All lives are equal
To the moon and to the sun
And that there is no hope in lying down
The heart that loves
Stands up.

Revelation of the Heart © Isabelle Baigent 2016


Calendar 2024

Let me show you the shimmer of light
That hovers above the slow opening of a daisy flower
Or in amongst the swarm of busy tadpoles
Let me wake you up to
The lightness, the darkness
Standing side by side
In togetherness
Let me show you the tide’s in breath and out,
Let me stay with you a while,
Until all our wrinkly eye-dry screen time
Is forgotten.
And wake, renewed into remembered splendour.
To breathe deeply, knowing we have remembered;
The daisy, the light, the swarm, the night
The buzz, the wet, the warmth, the tides -
In breath and out.
Turn technology off and tune out,
Watch a feather play with a shadow.
Watch the shimmer of dust
Falling against a window from within.
If you can sit in a garden, go there
And remember
The tide’s in breath and out.

Shimmer Shimmer © Isabelle Baigent 2021