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Sheela Adhar is a Classicist and writer interested in mythology, ancient beliefs and sites, nature, moon phases, crystal metaphysics and personal spiritual development. A self taught predictive astrology interpreter who also loves creating art and crafting with loving intent.


Diary 2021 - Astrology Writing

The Moon Through the Signs

♈︎ Moon in Aries ~ Action station Aries is full of fiery Mars energy. The beginning of a new cycle offers fresh ideas and energies which kick-start projects and new challenges for the ambitious. What do you believe in so wholeheartedly? Aries energy offers courage to stand in your authenticity and speak your truth.

♉︎ Moon in Taurus ~ Earthy Taurus Moon is grounded in nature. There is something quite special about the patient, generous and sensual energy this Moon offers. There is a flow of practicality, which gets work done efficiently.

♊︎ Moon in Gemini ~ Airy Gemini Moon can have you sway from one person or activity to the next quickly, as Gemini Moons are very sociable, as Gemini adds mental and verbal stimulation to the proceedings. Gemini can be flamboyant, so pay attention to over-expenditure. Remember yourself and take time for self care.

♋︎ Moon in Cancer ~ Watery Cancer Moon is in its own ruling sign and this can only mean heightening of psychic awareness and sensitivity to others. Finding yourself in a position to counsel or offer your surroundings as shelter at this time should be of no surprise, if you are going with the Moon’s flow.

♌︎ Moon in Leo ~ Fixed and fiery Leo sounds his regal roar to all those listening. The need for recognition may be strong but keep the ego in check. That sexy confidence which Leo brings to this Moon can spread affection, joy and happiness. A warning not to fall for empty flattery or you may become shut off from others, rather than sharing your warm heart and generosity.

♍︎ Moon in Virgo ~ Earth mother Virgo adapts and flows with quick instincts. A love of nature thrums through this Moon. An instinct to be of service may present itself, but take care not to overwhelm yourself. This can be a time of finding perfect natural order within your own realms.

♎︎ Moon in Libra ~ Love whispers on the breeze with airy Libra. She brings justice and balance, as the sign of the scales dictates. Connection to the divine mother brings diplomacy at its finest with harmonious collective consciousness at her core. The beauty, pleasure and sophistication of Libra Moon may invite you to be more sociable and sensual.

♏︎ Moon in Scorpio ~ Scorpio Moon is deeply transformative and has the ability to make you face your fears head on. A heightened psychic ability means you can see through false pretences. There is no time for dishonesty or disloyalty. This Moon offers deep desires, intimacy and bonding.

♐︎ Moon in Sagittarius ~ Suddenly we see the bigger picture thanks to Sagittarius Moon. This Moon can help you to take aim and fire those arrows in the direction of your authenticity, so that you walk and talk your own truth with honesty and integrity. But to aim is to have loaded the bow. This means the ideas must first be honed. Possibilities are endless, and this Moon carries with it the luck of Jupiter.

♑︎ Moon in Capricorn ~ Earthy Capricorn Moon brings a sense of responsibility and dependability. Quality over quantity with Capricorn Moon. This Moon helps highlight your true purpose with clarity and makes clear that all good things take time and action to manifest.

♒︎ Moon in Aquarius ~ Progressive ideas flow openly, as does the desire to be of service to the broader spectrum of humanity. It will definitely make you think outside the box to include the rebellious, non-conformist, scientific and intellectual take on the world of global social consciousness. Stand up and be counted is the theme of the day.

♓︎ Moon in Pisces ~ The dreamy essence of Pisces Moon will affect your emotions deeply. It is advisable to go with the flow or risk upsetting yourself on a deep level. You may become acutely aware of others’ emotions. You may feel compassionate and want to be of service, but also take care of your own heart-space.

Phases of the Moon

Lunar cycles take up to 28 days, during which time the size, strength and shape of the Moon energies and moonlight vary accordingly. In one month the Moon cycles through what the Sun and Earth take a whole year doing. The ebbing and flowing energies of the Moon affect us as well as the Earth’s tides.

New Moon ~ The New Moon is a time for generating new ideas and planning new projects, new beginnings, for soul searching and discovering your personal truths. This is the Maiden Moon. Make time for new beginnings, to set new intentions, and plant and gestate seeds of hope.

Waxing Crescent ~ The seeds we plant need nurturing to encourage the beginnings of life, bringing to light the intentions set at New Moon. Energy and momentum are on the increase.

First Quarter Moon ~ You have nurtured your intention and now is time for the seed to take root. Channel the flow of lunar energies for optimum growth. This is a good time for drawing in, taking action, finding inner strength and endurance, and finding solutions to problems which arise.

Waxing Gibbous ~ A time of harmonious cultivation and surging growth toward fruition and manifestation. You can now share what you have learned thus far. Gain help and advice from others in the know. This is a time for cultivation and co-creativity.

Full Moon ~ This is the blooming Mother phase, the fullness of the rounded belly of the Moon. You have birthed plans and they come to fruition. The amplified lunar energies enable you to release any negative energies which may have arisen, and be free of them.

Disseminating Moon/Waning Gibbous ~ Harvest time. Share with others what you have gleaned from your experience. Honour yourself, your accomplishments, inner strength and personal growth. Review the changes which need to be made for improvement. Enjoy a time of sharing for the greater good.

Last Quarter Moon ~ Energy is slower and reflective. Give gratitude. Recognise that which has become obsolete to your plans and release it. This is a time of maturity, organisation and learning from hindsight.

Balsamic / Dark Moon / Fallow Moon ~ Darkness has an astounding energy of its own. Some will utilise this energy, others will rest with this Moon. Prepare for the next cycle, maybe with new plans, or maybe preparing improved plans. A time of transition and wisdom of the Crone.

Retrograde Planets

In ancient Greek the word ‘Planet’ means wanderer. Planets have a cycle to their motions, which we refer to as direct, retrograde and stationary. When a planet moves into retrograde it means that by optical illusion, the planet appears to move back through the zodiac sign it had previously been in. The planet will only go direct after it manoeuvres into the next sign. This illusion is created when the Earth’s rotational speed is greater than that of the planet in question. Although illusionary, retrograde planets still hold sway over us humans. Some of us are affected by the slowing of the planet’s presence and aspects. This withdrawal of motion creates a time for reflection and healing.

Mercury Retrograde ~ Possibly the most frequent retrograder of the solar system, Mercury goes retrograde six times over this year, for around 3 weeks at a time. Ruling all forms of communication, travel, electronics, business and personal documentation, Mercury retrograde is not a time to trifle with any of the above in a frivolous fashion. The trick is to rethink, revisit, re-edit, revise, and to think before you act. Dates: 30 Jan; 21 Feb; 29 May; 22 Jun; 27 Sept; 18 Oct.

Venus Retrograde ~ Venus retrogrades only once in every 18 months, for a period of up to 6 weeks. Venus is all about love and money. Avoid making any serious relationship or financial decisions during this time. Dates: 19 Feb.

Void of Course Moon

The Moon takes two and a half days to cruise through each zodiac sign and during this time planetary aspects are formed. Culminating energies resonate through the Moon and the Earth, into our daily lives and activities, adding momentum to our personal energies. During a period with no planetary influences, the Moon’s course enters a void. Moments such as this require rest, self-preservation and self-care.

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