Lindsay Adams

A poet and healer inspired by a deep love of mother nature, her seasons and the elemental folk who care for her.


Diary 2018

When I’m feeling disconnected from the flow of life, I know I need to plug myself into the energy grid of Mother Earth. I go out into the garden and place the soles of my feet onto the grass. My awareness expands and I feel my heart at one with all of life. I am connected to the grass and the trees and the flowers who have their feet in the soil too. Their heads touch the sky and so I am one with the sky also. As the wind blows around me, I connect with the element of air and imagine the breeze carrying me to far off places where I am the air that breathes life into rivers and streams and waterfalls. I am the water that rises and falls back to the earth as rain. And once again I’m in the garden, where I am the soil, I am every sliver of grass that blows in the breeze that I am. I am Gaia and she is me, and you, and all of us. Thank you Earth Mother.

As Within, So Without © Lindsay Adams 2016